Battle Creek Memorial Park

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- Perpetual Care
- Hours of Operation
- Cemetery Records
- Conduct in the Park
- General Care and Maintenance of the Park
- Gardens Lots and Interment Spaces
- Mausoleum Crypts
- Columbarium Niches
- Pricing Purchase and Ownership
- Interments, Entombments, Inurnments and Committal Services
- Monuments and Markers Crypt, Niche and Memorial Lettering
- Decorations

Columbarium Niches

Memorial Park has columbarium niches located in the Garden of the Cross. Columbarium niches are also located inside the Memorial Park Chapel. The niches located in the Garden of the Cross are all singles. The niches inside the Chapel and designated as north and south columbarium can be used as singles or doubles. The granite faced bronze niches inside the Chapel are all singles. The glass faced bronze niches inside the Chapel are all doubles.

Single niches, including the north and south Chapel niches, are 10 inches square. Variations may occur. There are no restrictions for the cremains containers used in single niches other than that of size. The glass front bronze niches include the bronze urn/s contained in those niches. The urns in the bronze glass front niches may not be exchanged.

Columbarium niches may not be subdivided.

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