Battle Creek Memorial Park

- Rules, Regulations, Policies and Procedures
- Perpetual Care
- Hours of Operation
- Cemetery Records
- Conduct in the Park
- General Care and Maintenance of the Park
- Gardens Lots and Interment Spaces
- Mausoleum Crypts
- Columbarium Niches
- Pricing Purchase and Ownership
- Interments, Entombments, Inurnments and Committal Services
- Monuments and Markers Crypt, Niche and Memorial Lettering
- Decorations

Conduct in the Park

All visitors are to conduct themselves in an orderly and respectful manner. Loud or boisterous behavior, loitering, unauthorized assemblages, peddling or soliciting are all forbidden. Children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for their conduct. The Park is not to be used for skating, skateboards, games of football, baseball, soccer or other similar activities. Monuments are not to be climbed upon. The lake and fountains are not for swimming or wading. The Park is not to be used for parking or as an observation area for special events associated the airport or other neighboring businesses.

The Memorial Park grounds are private property and the Association reserves the right to require persons to leave or refuse admission to persons who act in a disorderly or disrespectful manner.

Pets are to be kept inside your vehicle when visiting the cemetery. The Park grounds are not to be used for the walking of dogs.

All funeral processions and outside contractors shall be under the direction of the Association General Manager or designated agent, upon arrival. All vehicles are to proceed at a moderate rate of speed. All vehicles are to be brought to a full stop when encountering a funeral procession. Funeral processions are not to be passed or driven through once parked. When parking, please pull to the side of the pavement but not on to the grass.

The utility building and immediate area is limited to authorized personnel. All inquiries are to be directed to the staff at the administration building.

The trash baskets located throughout the Park are intended for cemetery related trash. Please do not deposit household waste.

Employees of Battle Creek Memorial Park Association are not permitted to accept gratuities.

The grounds of Battle Creek Memorial Park Association are dedicated to the interment, entombment or inurnment of the dead. The Laws of the State of Michigan serve to protect and preserve cemeteries such as Memorial Park. Damage to any plant, tree, shrub, decoration, monument, marker, building or structure will subject the offender to the full penalties of these laws.

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