Battle Creek Memorial Park

- Rules, Regulations, Policies and Procedures
- Perpetual Care
- Hours of Operation
- Cemetery Records
- Conduct in the Park
- General Care and Maintenance of the Park
- Gardens Lots and Interment Spaces
- Mausoleum Crypts
- Columbarium Niches
- Pricing Purchase and Ownership
- Interments, Entombments, Inurnments and Committal Services
- Monuments and Markers – Crypt, Niche and Memorial Lettering
- Decorations

Perpetual Care

The future care and maintenance of the entire cemetery is assured by the Association’s fully funded perpetual care trusts. A portion of every interment, entombment and inurnment right sale is deposited to the perpetual care trusts. Memorial Park has three sources of income. First, there is the income derived from the sale of lots, crypts, niches and memorials. Second, there are the fees charged for interment, entombments, inurnments and other cemetery services. Finally, there is the interest and dividends earned by the perpetual care trusts. As the cemetery ages and the sale of property and service fees decline, the income of the perpetual care trusts will provide for the continued care of the buildings and grounds.

The perpetual care trusts are professionally administered by the trust department of a commercial bank. A board of trustees, comprised of local Kiwanians and bank representatives, oversees the prudent investment and care of these funds in accordance with all applicable regulation. Memorial Park will always be self-sufficient and never dependant on funding from local, state or federal government.

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