Battle Creek Memorial Park

- Rules, Regulations, Policies and Procedures
- Perpetual Care
- Hours of Operation
- Cemetery Records
- Conduct in the Park
- General Care and Maintenance of the Park
- Gardens Lots and Interment Spaces
- Mausoleum Crypts
- Columbarium Niches
- Pricing Purchase and Ownership
- Interments, Entombments, Inurnments and Committal Services
- Monuments and Markers Crypt, Niche and Memorial Lettering
- Decorations

Rules, Regulations, Policies and Procedures

The Board of Directors, Battle Creek Memorial Park Association, have endeavored to place only those restrictions necessary to secure peace and good order within the cemetery, to protect the interests of all property owners and to preserve the overall beauty and appearance of the grounds.

All persons and property within the boundaries of Battle Creek Memorial Park are subject to and bound by, all rules, regulations, policies and procedures now in effect or hereafter adopted. The Board of Directors reserves the right to change or amend these rules, regulations, policies and procedures any time without advance notification.

All the Laws, Statutes and Regulations of the Sate of Michigan applicable to cemetery operations and management are incorporated by reference as though set forth at length herein including matters pertaining to rights of property owners, perpetual care funds, police powers of the cemetery authority, the keeping of records, selling and installing memorials, duties and obligations of relatives of deceased persons, interments, entombments, inurnments, dis-interments, dis-entombments and dis-inurnments.

If any rule, regulation, policy or procedure is adjudicated to be contrary to law, only that item so adjudicated shall be void and no other part of the rules, regulations policies and procedures shall be changed.

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