Battle Creek Memorial Park

- Rules, Regulations, Policies and Procedures
- Perpetual Care
- Hours of Operation
- Cemetery Records
- Conduct in the Park
- General Care and Maintenance of the Park
- Gardens Lots and Interment Spaces
- Mausoleum Crypts
- Columbarium Niches
- Pricing Purchase and Ownership
- Interments, Entombments, Inurnments and Committal Services
- Monuments and Markers Crypt, Niche and Memorial Lettering
- Decorations

Rules and Regulations

We at Battle Creek Memorial Park ask again the hearty co-operation of our lot and crypt owners, and the public in order that we may make Memorial Park Cemetery more beautiful.

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Memorial Park

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Battle Creek Memorial Park Association
2435 West Territorial Road · Battle Creek, MI 49015
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